Thursday, December 11, 2014

What is next for JAX-RS 2.1

Hi everyone, it's been awhile I know, but JAX-RS 2.1 is now getting shape and below are the tasks planned for this next version.

 * Adding support for SSE.
 * Improving integration with CDI.
 * Exploring support for non-blocking I/O in providers (filters, interceptors, etc.).
 * Evaluating ways in which declarative security can be supported either directly in this JSR or by leveraging other EE-platform JSRs.
 * Making JAXB conditional on runtimes where it is available.
 * Providing integration with JSON-B.
 * Building upon the hypermedia API added in version 2.0.
 * Investigating the reactive programming paradigm as a way to improve the JAX-RS asynchronous client API.
 * Evaluating any requirements necessary to support the use of JAX-RS resource classes as controllers in the MVC 1.0 JSR.

There is already a discussion around hypermedia and the challenges of supporting structural links in JAX-RS. Looking forward for a good way to deal with hypermedia and create better / intelligent APIs.

That is about it, let's see how it goes from now!

See ya!